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MissMic German Shepherds




HMS/Missmic was established in 1974 after going to my first GSDCA
HMS was the successful combining of three families who shared the same goals. Haydelhaus, Phyllis and Ernest Haydel, MissMic, Joan B.Turner & Sharisan, Mary Frances Simms. HMS campaigned dogs successfully for a number of years. Due to our going in different directions with job relocation, HMS stopped breeding and showing.
 After not showing for some time, I decided I wanted  to return he show ring and continue to perpetuate my father's belief when had said. "Honey if they can't be good pets , how can they be good show dogs?" This made real sense to me, so I continue to try to produce mentally & physically sound animals. All my animals are raised with children (grand children, which are the best kind) and other pets , as I live in the country where you can have such things.
Showing your dogs, to me, is the proof of the pudding. Showing demonstrates whether you are on track with your breeding program compared to standards set by the German Shepherd Dog Club of American and approved by the AKC. This insures the integrity of our breed is preserved.

 Joan B. Turner.
          Canton, Georgia      

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